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We know that you must have many questions about how this new way of travelling in Europe in a caravan must be like. That is why we have prepared a list of questions and answers that will help you get an idea and know what to expect from the service we offer.

How do you travel within Europe?

We travel on the main highways or roads without having to go through any customs when we cross the boarders. Only every certain section, and depending on the country where we are, we make a short stop to pay tolls.

Where do you sleep if you do not sleep in hotels?

Every time we arrive in a city, you will sleep in the caravan. We reserve a spot for our caravan in Caravan Parks or Campsites which offer many amenities /facilities such as swimming pool, restaurant, laundry, games for children, free Wi-Fi, BBQ, bathrooms and showers among others.

How is the caravan?

The caravan is modern, made in Germany, sleeps 6 people comfortably. Among its features we can mention that it has air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave and TV. It has 3 sleeping areas, one with two single beds and two other areas with double beds for 2 people. The three areas can be separated by doors to offer privacy.

How is the car in which you travel?

The van is a Fiat Ducato with air conditioning and panoramic windows. It has capacity for 9 people to travel comfortably. The seats have ample space to stretch the legs and are reclining.

How does the itinerary work?

According to the number of days that the passengers have available and the places where they want to go, the feasibility of completing them is analyzed. Based on our previous experience, we calculate the travel times between one city and another, contemplating, in addition, the rest times that are usually done at service stations, for a coffee, light snack or bathroom stops etc.

During the sightseeing days, we drop you off at the places of interest and then collect you at an agreed time to return to the Caravan Park/Campsite for the evening. We believe this offers a unique travel experience with enough flexibility to enjoy the day at your leisure. Alternatively, we can accompany you all day if required.

The first and last day you stay in hotels and not in the caravan?

That’s right, although the caravan is very comfortable, we want our passengers to start the journey rested and finish it in the same way. That is why we choose 3 or 4 star hotels. In addition, our service includes the transfer from the airport to the hotel on the first day, and from the hotel to the airport on the last day of the trip.

What is flexibility about during the trip?

As indicated above, the itinerary is set according to the days available and the places that the passenger wants to visit. However, you can make changes in destinations and number of days to stay in the cities originally planned in your itinerary, as long as these changes do not affect the date of return flights or other tours already confirmed or excessive expenses for both parties.

How much time is needed to confirm the itinerary?

Usually, we need about 3 months to book hotels and caravan parks/campsites due to the high demand during the summer and spring season.

How many bags/luggage/suitcases can we take?

It is recommended the same as requested by airlines, usually a large suitcase and a smaller suitcase. While the van has a roof rack to carry suitcases and has space in the back, the space inside the caravan is limited to accommodate large amounts of luggage.

Are entrances to museums, churches, places of interest, etc. included in the price of the tour?

No, tickets to tourist sites are paid by the passenger. Notwithstanding, we can provide information and explain how to acquire entrance tickets to places of interest. In addition, the transfer from the Caravan Park to the site of interest and vice versa is included.

What happens if the tour must be canceled for company reasons after the trip has started?

Although this circumstance will be a great exception, if this happens the company will return the value of the tour that has not been completed and will do everything possible to find the best alternatives for the passengers to continue with their holiday.

What happens if I have to cancel the trip after having started the tour?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund the cost of the tour after we have started the trip. We recommend and ask our passengers to have travel insurance to cover incidentals.

Can you wash clothes during the trip?

Yes, the Caravan Parks have laundry and dryer facilities. In general, they charge 5 Euros per load of clothes. Laundry costs are not included in our prices and are payable by the passenger.

Do they have a maid service in the caravan?

Because the Caravan Parks do not have this service, it is not included in the tour. However, at the request of the passenger both the cleaning and the change of bedding can be done without inconvenience.

Only breakfast is included?

No, breakfast, all beverages and lunch on route are included. In general, if the Caravan Park has a restaurant, we will have breakfast there, otherwise another establishment is sought in the city or on route. Lunch is provided on route at any service station. Service stations in Europe have restaurants for the convenience of travelers.

Can you travel all year?

No, it is advisable to travel between April and October due to the good weather during these months. Travelling in another time of the year can be complicated due to the weather conditions in winter and because the Caravan Parks are closed.

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